Enhanced Health in Care Homes


People living in care homes should expect the same level of support as if they were living in their own home. The Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCH) model moves away from traditional models of care delivery towards care that is centred on the needs of individual residents, their families and care home staff. We aim to achieve this through a collaborative approach supported by our Care Coordination team.

We support personalised care by:

  • Putting the needs of the person at the centre through “what matters to you” conversations and personalised care and support planning processes

  • Supporting people to talk about the outcomes that matter most to them; and encouraging and enabling them to take on as much responsibility as they want to manage their own care, health and wellbeing.

  • Supporting carers and families and recognising their needs, as well as those of the individual care home resident, and acknowledging them all as experts in their own care and lives.

  • Development of a Personalised Care and Support plan

  • This plan will also be developed with the person and/or their carer(s). Where possible, family members will be included in the assessment. Including family members helps where there may be cognitive impairment and also helps to give a holistic picture of a person’s preferences and goals, rather than simply their medical needs.

  • Yearly structured medication reviews

Patients registered to one of our 6 practices will be supported through a multi-disciplinary team approach which includes, GPs, Care Coordinators, Community Services, and Social Care.

Hatters Health Aligned Care Homes:

St Marys Nursing Home

Capwell Grange Care Home

Mulberry Court Care Home

Oakley Lodge Care Home

Collinson House Care Home